When it comes to pricing we are a little bit different from other sites perhaps.


We have a simple view on it and one we hope works for you.


It might be best to let you know what we do not charge for first of all you so can understand our philosophy.

We do not charge for children under 5, awnings, extensions, pup tents, roof tents, trailers, additional cars, dogs, washing up products including washing powder or capsules, the use of showers, BBQ areas, kettle and microwaves, freezer storage, secure media charging, WiFi (slow unfortunately) and probably a whole lot more!

What we do charge for is simply a pitch. It's either serviced (with water and electricity) or unserviced (no electricity but water nearby) All have great views of the beach or the hills and all are a minimum of 10 metres  x 8 metres marked out for you. We allocate your pitch for you and the price for a pitch includes one adult and your choice of accommodation that you bring, either a tent, campervan or caravan. It does not matter what size any of them are as long as they fit comfortably onto your pitch. Additional adults are £5 extra per night and children between 5 and 15 are £2 extra per night of your stay.

There is nothing extra to pay.

An unserviced pitch is therefore £17 per night and includes one adult.

A serviced pitch is therefore £21 per night and includes one adult.

A backpackers pitch (no car) is £10 per night and includes one adult.

Any additional adults are £5 nightly.

Any children between 5 and 15 are £2 nightly.

Non resident wishing to use the showers/sink washing area is £5 per person.

Non resident wishing to dispose of waste, fill with water, empty rubbish and use dishwashing sinks is £10 per vehicle.

It's as simple as that really and we hope this makes the whole experience of booking easy to understand, is transparent and fair to all. We do request that you do not try and squeeze more than is comfortable onto your pitch and if we feel that an additional pitch is needed we will advise you of that and charge accordingly.