We have a large variety of serviced (water and electricity at every pitch) and unserviced pitches available. All water on the site is also crystal clear fresh drinking water. Toilet and shower facilities, include disabled and a family room with baby changing facilities all of which are free. In the ladies toilets there is a hair drier and GHD curling tongs (just in case you feel the need!)


We have dishwashing facilities with free washing up liquid and cleaning products (just in case you've forgotten yours!) Laundry with new washers and driers (we supply the laundry products free but there is a charge for the machines) All cleaning products are, where possible eco friendly to protect our fragile environment. We also provide freezer facilities and secure media charging lockers, again all free. For everyone there is an undercover BBQ area with seating and a small kitchen area with microwaves and kettles to let you get a hot drink on the go quickly. There is also a vending machine with coffee, tea, soup etc.

There is a great shop called "Flossies" just outside of the campsite entrance selling the vitals you may need as well as delicious snacks.

Dogs and pets are positively welcomed on the site provided they are kept on a lead at all times. We always have doggies treats available as well as drinking bowls and waste bins on site.

Going Green

Small changes can have a huge impact on our environment. Here at Clachtoll Beach Campsite we believe our beautiful area is the main reason you choose to visit- we would like to help protect and sustain this for generations to come by trying to implement some of these small changes over time. We now only use eco friendly washing liquid and powder and we have recycling facilities for waste on site and we encourage all campers to use them. There is also recycling facilities near to Lochinver village.

Chemical Disposal
Wifi and Mobiles

WiFi is provided free of charge but when many people are trying to share the same line it can be very slow.
Please do not come to the site thinking you are going to get superfast broadband, we do not have it.
Our broadband provider BT only provides us with a average of 5megs in our area and 2 at the campsite, so when the campsite is busy it will struggle. Currently the best phone coverage is EE and occasionally 4G can be obtained from the site. There is great coverage in Lochinver where there are free wifi hotspots.

Please note the free WIFI we provide is for browsing, checking weather forecast and Emails only, its not to be used for downloading or streaming as this is unfair to other users.

We have a chemical disposal point that our campers can dispose of their waste providing you use environmentally friendly chemical's only. We also encourage wild campers to dispose of their waste at the campsite for a small charge.

As long as the product is eco friendly we do not mind what make you use. All of our laundry and cleaning products are wherever possible eco friendly too.